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Barbour information sheet


I live on an estate in the Northumberland countryside surrounded by pine trees. It's a beautiful place, but the pine needles have been a constant problem. I've often had to clear my gutters up three times a year as they become completely clogged after windy weather. 

In October 2017 I came across Suraflow while researching a raft of solutions (most of which admit they aren't effective for pine needles). I bought enough to test on my kitchen guttering - which was one of the worst affected areas for needles. The fitting instructions were clear and it was fairly straightforward to install.

I can't believe how effective the Suraflow guard is. It has completely surpassed my expectations - the gutter has remained completely clear of pine needles. So much so, I have just ordered 46m of gutter guard and fittings to protect my whole house and garage!

--Matt Perkins, Northumberland


Is exclusive to Younger Marketing Management and is not supplied by anyone else in the UK other than SuraFlow authorised installers or distributors. As such it should not be confused with nor is it compatible with any similar gutter guard or leaf guard products that may be available in the UK.

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