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Simple installation and pricing guide

Generally, professional fitters install SuraFlow-GutterGuard, but if you feel you are competent at DIY and have the equipment to access your gutters, you might want to have a go yourself. Please read the instructions before deciding, and if you are happy the following prices are for the supply of the bits you will need to fit the leaf guard;

2 metre lengths - £7.50 per metre

Front Spacers (3 required per 2 metre length) - 15p each
Rear Spacers (3 required per 3 metre length) - 15p each
Straight Joiners - 20p each
90 Degree Joiners - 25p each

Other Components:
90 Degree Pre-Cut Corner - External - £5.50 each
90 Degree Pre-Cut Corner - Internal - £5.50 each
135 Degree Pre-Cut Corner - External - £10.50 each
135 Degree Pre-Cut Corner - Internal - £10.50 each
Plastic End Covers - left/right - £2.00 each

The above prices are exclusive of VAT and do not include delivery. Please call for delivery to your area. To order call 0845 310 0060 (Local Call Rate) or 01794 389589 - all major credit cards accepted

Fitting instructions

Firstly, ensure that you have a minimum of 35mm between the bottom of your roof tiles and the top of your gutter.

SuraFlow-GutterGuard is simple to install, using a spacer clip at the rear of the gutter and a spacer clip at the front.

The guard is ‘fixed’ every length (2 metres) using a self tapping screw through the front of the gutter and picking up on the downward leg of the guard. 

Lengths of SuraFlow-GutterGuard are joined together using the supplied joiner and butted up to each other. They do not need to be sealed.

Corners are formed by cutting a mitre and using a corner joiner. Corners are available pre-cut.

Endcaps are fixed into the joiner channels at end of the guard.


Is exclusive to Younger Marketing Management and is not supplied by anyone else in the UK other than SuraFlow authorised installers or distributors. As such it should not be confused with nor is it compatible with any similar gutter guard or leaf guard products that may be available in the UK.

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