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Q. What happens when it rains really hard - doesn't the water shoot over the top?

A. The principle we use to the water into the gutter - the Coanda effect - works better the faster the water flows. The system has been thoroughly tested and will exceed the capability of all domestic rainwater systems. However, no rainwater system will guarantee that it will cope with the vagrancies of architectural design such as internal valleys, parapets and gullies. In these situations the rainwater is channeled in such a way the volume of water exceeds any reasonable expectation of system performance and in extreme conditions the system will occasionally overflow. As these extreme conditions happen only occasionally this should not cause a problem with the fabric of the building becoming damp. Only if the problem occurs constantly under all conditions is there a problem as the wall will not get an opportunity to dry out. Any installation we are involved in we look very carefully at the flow dynamics of these corners and will either eliminate the problem or minimise the impact.

Q. How much overhang should there be with roof tiles?

A. When measured horizontally from the fascia there the edge of the tile should be no less than 40mm and no more than 70mm out for standard size guttering (110mm-114mm)

Q. What size gutters will it not fit?

A. Standard guttering is based on imperial 4.5 inches. It can vary between manufacturer and the profile of the gutter. Most gutters will measure 112mm to 114mm, however Osma sell a half-round domestic gutter which is only 100mm and SuraFlow-GutterGuard is too wide for this. SuraFlow-GutterGuard will fit gutters up to 125mm wide including Continuous Aluminium gutters, but will not fit industrial 6 inch gutters.

 Q. Can I fit SuraFlow-GutterGuard myself?

 A. Yes, if you are confident working at height and pretty competent as a DIYer. The main work involved is dismantling the gutters to clean them out thoroughly and re-affixing them to allow sufficient gap for the SuraFlow-GutterGuard to be fitted. Full instructions are available, but for an overview see instructions. However most of our customer prefer the system to be professionally installed.

Q. Surely some debris must get into the gutters?

A. Anything that is held in suspension in the water as it flow round the nose of the gutter guard will find its way into the gutter. However, all we are talking about is tile dust, silt and maybe some seeds buds. But the key thing is that the leaves and moss that cause the problem with blocked gutters, because when they break down they form a starchy soup, are kept out. This means that any dust or particles are free to get washed away. We have inspected installations that have been in for many years and the gutter may have a small amount of dust or silt lying in the bottom but they are free flowing and will be 'washed' clean when the next heavy rainfall comes

Q. Pine needles fall all year round can SuraFlow-GutterGuard cope with these?

A. We have installed a good deal of SuraFlow-GutterGuard where there have been serious problems with pine needles and where other systems have failed. On subsequent inspections we are happy to report that the gutters have been free of pine needles (which is more than can be said for the ground underneath!)

Q. Are there any problems installing SuraFlow-GutterGuard?

A. Not with SuraFlow-GutterGuard, but with the design or workmanship involving the roofline. These include;

We've seen most of these problems in one form or another and have normally been able to come up with a solution. If you are not sure always seek professional advice.

Q. Can SuraFlow-GutterGuard be fitted to a conservatory?

A. Unfortunately nine out of ten times it can't. This is because the construction of most modern conservatories have the glazing bars dropping to the gutters. And there is normally no room to drop the gutters. We have installed SuraFlow-GutterGuard on conservatory gutters but these have been of wooden construction, and until the conservatory roof manufacturers change their design then there a virtually no options for keeping debris out of conservatory gutters.

Q. Does SuraFlow-GutterGuard work with box gutters as fitted to my conservatory?

A. SuraFlow-GutterGuard relies on an open edge for debris to be blown off the roof and the guard itself. Unfortunately, with a box gutter, enclosed valley or gulley there is no means of putting a cover over them. All that would happen is that the problem would be lifted up as there would only be the end or ends of the gutter from which the debris could get out.

Q. My Builder says he seen this type of guard and it doesn't work?

A. Some builders are afraid of anything new, innovative or a bit different from the norm. If they've never installed it before their answer is simple - don't bother with it, it won't work! But how can over 1000 customers including Crown Estates and the MOD be wrong? We have even been demonstrating the concept at Exhibitions where we have water pouring off a roof in monsoon conditions and a so-called 'tradesman' has walked up and told us it it will never work - when the evidenced is right there in front of him. If your builder doesn't understand the concept of basic physics, do you really want him do ANY work on your property?

Q. Can Suraflow-GutterGuard be installed with hard eaves trays.

A. Caution must be exercised when Suraflow-GutterGuard is installed with the hard plastic eaves trays, this is because very often they are designed to drop into the gutter and partially fill it. The best way round this is to cut back the plastic BEFORE installation of the eaves trays. This is a very quick and simple job with a jigsaw or other power saw. If you are retro-fitting onto gutters which already have a hard eaves tray fitted, unfortunatley the only way round the problem is to cut the plastic back in situ.


Is exclusive to Younger Marketing Management and is not supplied by anyone else in the UK other than SuraFlow authorised installers or distributors. As such it should not be confused with nor is it compatible with any similar gutter guard or leaf guard products that may be available in the UK.

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