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The Only Gutter Guard System in the UK that can claim,
no More Blocked Gutters from Leaves, Moss, and even
Pine Needles - EVER!


SuraFlow is the only tried and tested gutter guard system that guarantees an end to clogged gutters by keeping leaves, moss, lichen and pine needles out, and the water flowing.

SuraFlow does NOT use a gutter mesh, nor slots, but integrates a patented design that provides a total physical barrier to the debris that can clog open gutters, out performing all other gutter guards, leaf guards, and leaf guard systems.

SuraFlow GutterGuard can be installed as a DIY project or by trained professional fitters, and is supplied in manageable 2 meter lengths of anodised aluminium.

Suraflow GutterGuard is the last element of a truly maintenance free property because now, you don’t even need to clean out your gutters.

Don't put up with blocked gutters, risking the value of your property. Don't risk serious injury or the cost in cleaning them out; use Suraflow Gutter Guards

Keeping the moss out - Coping with a deluge - Keeping the leaves out

Used at the MOD Headley Court

Since 2003, the SuraFlow-GutterGuard system is the No.1 choice for truly effective gutter protection, recommended and specified by architects and used by Crown Estates and the MOD (at Headley Court above).

SuraFlow-GutterGuard beats the performance of all other gutter guards and leaf guard products that use a mesh based system.

See Suraflow-GutterGuard in action under heavy rain

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Is exclusive to Younger Marketing Management and is not supplied by anyone else in the UK other than SuraFlow authorised installers or distributors. As such it should not be confused with nor is it compatible with any similar gutter guard or leaf guard products that may be available in the UK.

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